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Workshops for Teachers & Educators

Craig C. Martin shares his experience improving school communities in educational strategic planning workshops and presentations in the Boston, MA area.

Let's help learners achieve more together.
The presentations, workshops, and professional development training I provide focus primarily on Black & Latino male engagement, anti-bullying, boys education, digital learning, educational technology, transformational leadership, student-centered instruction, and social-emotional learning. Sessions are tailored to the mission and needs of the organization that seeks my expertise. Please email me at to inquire further.

Keynote Speaking Topics

● Organizational Leadership

● Culturally Responsive Education & Teaching

● Data-Driven Leadership & Instruction

● Cultivating Teacher Leadership

● Teacher Observation & Feedback

● Black & Latino Male Education & Empowerment

● Social Emotional Learning & School Culture

● Education Equity

● Instructional Technology/Ed Tech Integrations

● and more...

Current Workshops for Teachers & Educators Suite
(Virtually or In-Person)

  • Every English Language Learner we serve deserves to learn and thrive in spaces rich in relationship, resource, and relevance. Learn how a small K-5 school community creating a culturally and linguistically rich environment that led to African American and Latino American scholars reversed the achievement gap between themselves and their state peers. We will explore equitable practices and approaches that broaden our students’ experiences for success.

  • Do you have a Blueprint of Success to guide your journey as a Black or Brown Male in America? Participants will examine the developmental assets necessary for success, the impetus of identifying appropriate role models and advocates to fortify male identity, and what C.O.R.E. supporters and tools our male youth (ages 4 and up) will need to thrive in American classrooms. Additionally, participants will develop their own BrownBoy Blueprints that provide real- world practices that will truly empower African American and Latino American males to achieve success inside and outside the classroom.

  • Today’s classrooms are enriched with scholars who yield cultural, linguistic, and socio-emotional capital. Built on core principles of culturally responsive pedagogy and practices, participants will experience approaches and resources and resources which have led to reversals in achievement and opportunity gaps among scholars of resilience. Learn how a high poverty campus used a growth mindset and multi-tiered systems of support to create experiences that heightened student engagement, affect, and achievement all in a year's time. Participants will learn how to: Create/Enhance safe, healthy, and sustaining learning environments for all students, Develop learning experiences that demonstrate design for access for all students, Engage all students in cognitively-demanding tasks and instruction that challenges them and advances their learning, Employ strategies for assessment for learning that allow students to authentically develop and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

  • Do you have teachers who are kind of stuck in their practice or just “phoning it in”? Are you looking to fast track your mid tier teachers into instructional powerhouses? This interactive session will feature 4 promising practices in 1)Leading with inquiry; 2)Teacher Led Learning Walks; 3)Providing Effective Feedback; and 4)Power of Self/Peer Observations. Participants will be provided with interactive digital tools they can utilize to capture a culture of improvement while enhancing teacher leadership and student achievement. Additionally, Session participants will leave with a tool-kit of real time resources they can use to transform teacher practice even in the most challenging community settings.

  • What happens when a school designs to flip learning inside out and into their community? Genius Week was created to keep learning burning for Scholars in a meaningful way. Learn how an Urban K-5 campus scrapped their lesson plans and created and led a week of interests based workshops for scholars from kindergarten to 5th Grade rich in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Using tools such as #FlipGrid and #Padlet helped us to curate an amazing week of engagement.

  • Explore how teachers and schools are creating a sense of belonging and inclusivity using a variety of approaches Explore how identity and intersectionality “show up” in professional peer culture, student engagement, and family & community partnership.

  • Understand how a growth mindset and brain science positively impacts the development of all scholars. Explore how the development of learning partnerships are critical levers in building relational trust in classroom communities. Discuss how educators and school communities can create networks and affinity groups to champion anti-racism.

  • Whether you are a new leader or a seasoned veteran, each of us is called to create inclusive and equitable communities of belonging for our nation’s future.

    Authentic and foundational race equity work challenges educators and organizations to power up a base of committed advocates who have a commanding vision for how we serve a diverse world of young people. During this session, educators will explore resources, tools, and narratives they may need to employ strategic, intentional, and sustainable shifts in mindset, practice, policy, and culture. Participants will leave the session with a knapsack of real-time resources they can utilize to advance and strengthen their race equity efforts.

  • During this session we discuss how the state of American Education has shifted during the COVID pandemic. We explore how education leaders must mobilize their teams using a DBIE (diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity) frame of mind in a commanding vision that embraces the cultural capital of every scholar they serve. Using a growth mindset frame, we set a powerful course forward in which collaborations with teachers and parents fundamentally change the DNA of how schools advance forward in the future.

  • During this workshop, we will explore how aligned social emotional learning (SEL) & positive behavioral intervention strategies (PBIS) advance and support the social and emotional growth of all scholars and Staff; how we successfully communicate and promote SEL programming to all stakeholders throughout the community including our out-of-school time providers/partners; how we are engaging and partnering within the MJP community to fully implement schoolwide SEL; and encourage a sense of shared ownership over schoolwide SEL.

  • During this PD session, teachers discuss how using appropriate student learning targets impact achievement and professional practice, determine what an appropriate student learning target should look like, and develop and utilize student learning targets as part of effective instructional planning and lesson execution.

  • During this presentation, we will build shared understanding of the Essential Practice of Providing Asset-Based Feedback by learning about research-based elements of effective feedback and by analyzing teaching videos for identified observation indicators; Recognize and identify high quality indicators in classrooms; Analyze and reflect on observation notes to identify 2-3 recommendations to improve asset-based feedback using the high quality indicators as a foundation.

  • Highly successful teachers spend a great deal of their day observing and actively listening to how their students are learning each day. In utilizing a student friendly feedback code system, teachers are able to give quick, consistent, and meaningful feedback that leads to great academic outcomes in less than 1 week. We will co-create developmentally and grade level appropriate feedback code systems in content based instruction that you can use tomorrow!

Past Presentations

  • ASCD Virtual Annual Conference, June 2021
  • Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Mindfulness & Racial Justice, April 2021
  • Dekalb County Public Schools, A.C.E. English Learner Leadership Summit, April 2021
  • Brown Boys of Boston Edcamp, February 2021
  • Leading Equity Virtual Summit, Presenter, January 2021
  • Passing the Scope EDU, Panelist, January 2021
  • Massachusetts ASCD, In The Room Where It Happens, Podcast Co-Creator & Producer, Winter 2020-2021
  • Massachusetts ASCD, Panelist, December 2020
  • MASSCUE & Massachusetts ASCD, Conference Organizer, November 2020
  • Federal Reserve Board Board of Governors, Speaker, September 2020
  • New Hampshire ASCD, Webinar Series Presenter, August 2020
  • ASCD Virtual Conferences, Presenter, July 2020
  • Massachusetts ASCD, Panelist, July 2020
  • Highr, Keynote Speaker, June 2020
  • Massachusetts ASCD, Panelist, June 2020
  • IvyChild International, Mindfulness & RacialJustice, June 2020
  • ASCD Virtual Leadership Symposium, February 2020
  • MASSCUE, Foxboro, MA October 23rd 2019 Genius Week (Presentation) (Google Folder)
  • MASSCUE, Foxboro, MA October 24th 2019, Transforming Teacher Practice (Presentation) (Google Folder)
  • ASCD #Empower19, Chicago, IL, March 2019 (Presentation) (Handouts)
  • ASCD Leader to Leader Conference, Nashville, TN, November 2018
  • The Black Man Can Institute: Building A Better Brother, Boston, MA, October 2018
  • National Association of Elementary School Principals National Distinguished Principal Program, October 2018
  • Boston Public Schools August Leadership Institute, Keynote, August 2018
  • Massachusetts School Administrators Association Summer Institute, July 2018
  • Urban Assembly, Hunter College, NY, May 2018
  • Middlesex Partnerships for Youth Conference, May 2018
  • Black Male Educators Talks, Moderator, June 2018
  • ASCD Empower 18 Conference, Boston, March 2018
  • Jack & Jill of America Eastern Region Conference, April 2017
  • Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association Conference, March 2017
  • METCO Directors’ Association, December 2015 & 2016
  • Black Child Development Institute, Washington D.C., October 2015
  • Dynamic Young Men’s Leadership Conference, Harvard University, May 2015
  • Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC), Memphis, TN, April 2015
  • Boston Public Schools’ Parent University, Northeastern University, 2011 - 2014
  • Leadership & Learning Conference, Harvard University, May 2014
  • Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC), Jackson, MS , April 2013
  • First International Seminar on Primary School Education Conference, Beijing, China, July 2012
  • Arts in Healthcare Conference Panelist, Lesley University, Spring 2011
  • Lesley University Centennial, Speaker, 2009

Consulting Services

Craig can offer to consult on a range of topics, such as coaching, team development, and data-driven instruction. The consulting work focuses on the same themes covered in the workshop so if you're interested, you can reach out for consulting services.

Speaker on topics including Transformation Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Black & Latino Male Engagement, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Instructional Technology, and more...